Farringdon Row MSCP 
Public Consultation


Welcome to the online public consultation for the proposed development of a multi-storey car park at Farringdon Row, Riverside Sunderland.

The aim of this consultation is to provide you with information on the development proposals for the application site, whilst offering the opportunity for you to submit any comments you may have. Design work on the proposals are ongoing and as such, the information presented here will be updated to provide you with the latest details on the proposals.


We are keen to hear your views on the development proposals. If you have any suggestions or feedback on the proposals, please feel free to post your comments on the ‘Have Your Say’ section by 27th November 2020. Wherever possible, we will work to incorporate ideas into our formal proposal, whilst seeking to address any concerns or suggestions you may have.

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Riverside Sunderland Masterplan

Situated on the banks of the River Wear, Riverside Sunderland is a hugely ambitious regeneration project led by Sunderland City Council. The masterplan sets out the strategy for revitalising and reinventing Sunderland City Centre by creating an exciting and beautiful new urban quarter, regenerating and repurposing a large tract of degraded former industrial land.


Farringdon Row is the westernmost development zone within the regeneration area. The site runs to the east of Farringdon Row between the southern junction with the A1231 and Hanover Place to the north. The eastern boundary of the site follows the physical escarpment of Galley’s Gill before meeting the River Wear.


The application site is currently a mix of cleared former industrial land, parkland and light industrial units.


The Proposed Development

To support the ambitions of the Riverside Sunderland Masterplan to deliver 1 million sqft of commercial development and 1000 new residential properties, a new city centre Multi Storey Car Park is required to facilitate the parking for the former Vaux site.


The proposed development will deliver parking provision on the periphery of the City Centre to help reduce City Centre congestion. Creation of a multi storey car park as a consolidated parking facility will also help to achieve a pedestrian priority within the newly created housing and commercial developments on the former Vaux site.


It is proposed that the MSCP will run parallel to Farringdon Row and will contain up to 750 parking spaces are proposed including the provision of electric vehicle charging points. Motorcycle parking as well as cycle storage are also proposed. The concept design proposes the building to be 108m in length by 33m wide and will be organised over 12 split levels equating to six storeys in height. The building steps down on its eastern side and is staggered at both the northern and southern sides, to break up the form and to respect the surroundings of the Riverside Park.


Access to the car park is taken from Farringdon Row at the northern end of the MSCP. The building will be set in grounds of hard and soft landscaping, ensuring a high quality environment. A public footpath will run to the east of the MSCP along the escarpment, overlooking Galley’s Gill and will provide pedestrian links to the main residential and commercial area of the former Vaux site via Galley’s Gill footbridge and Silksworth Row. 


Riverside Sunderland:Illustrative Landscape Masterplan

Image Credit: One Environments

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Enscape View Car Park

Riverside Sunderland: Concept Visual of the Proposed Multi Storey Car Park

Image Credit: Ryder Architecture

A modern external elevational treatment is proposed to wrap the functional nature of the MSCP building, establishing its prominent position as a gateway to Riverside Sunderland.


This will be designed in further detail in the next stages of the project, to reflect the surrounding landscape and modern residential and commercial development proposed in the Riverside Sunderland Masterplan. It is proposed that the MSCP will be managed and operated under an extension of existing arrangements provided across the City by the City Council, under a mix of annual business permits, alongside residential and designated parking permits.

Outside of business hours, car parking will be available for general public use, providing capacity adjacent to the Riverside Park and charged at appropriate rates in line with other City Centre car parks. Traffic modelling has been carried out to ensure there is sufficient network capacity for the proposal. A Construction Environmental Management Plan and Construction Traffic Management Plan will be prepared and agreed with the City Council prior to any development commencing to help minimise the impacts of the construction activities.


These documents would include a range of measures such as restriction of construction hours, the routes for construction vehicles, as well as measures to help reduce noise, control dust, control lighting and minimise dirt on the local roads.

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Riverside Sunderland: Extract from the Riverside Sunderland Masterplan Showing the Location of the Proposed Multi-Storey Car Park
Image Credit: Riverside Sunderland Masterplan

Parked Cars

The Benefits


Construction cost of approximately £11m with a programmed completion of Spring 2022


Provision of electric vehicle charging points


Parking supply on the periphery of the city to help reduce city centre congestion


Creation of a consolidated parking facility to help achieve a pedestrian priority throughout the Vaux site


Have Your Say

Farringdon Row MSCP


In order to hear your views on the proposals, we are asking members of the local community and any other interested party to take part in an online questionnaire. Please complete the below questionnaire and submit any comments you may have by 27th November 2020.


Riverside Sunderland Masterplan


An engagement event for the Riverside Sunderland Masterplan is taking place on 18th November 2020 to present the MSCP and other developments within Riverside Sunderland.

Please visit https://www.riversidesunderland.com/ for further details.


Free tickets to the event can be found at https://riversidesunderland-update.eventbrite.co.uk.